Thursday, June 1, 2017

Posters and Rain Garden Plans

Today, we finished up our research on stormwater pollutants, made posters about the pollutant to display at Waterfest, and participated in another activity with Sage Passi.

Sage came back to tell us about the rain garden we'll be helping with in 7th grade next year at our middle school. She made a model of a rain garden, describing how its sandy bottom drains well, and the special soils and plants in it help the water soak in. All of this helps remove pollutants from water bodies, like Lake Phalen.

Each of our teams put one kind of storm water pollutant in the model of the rain garden. We compared the water volumen and quality between the rain garden model and the plain old drain model. Boy did the rain garden help!

Thanks for coming to visit us again, Sage!

Here are pictures from our day.

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