Story Maps

Rain-Drain-Pollution-Solution Story Map
This is the main story map the class created that tells the story of their exploration of stormwater - from rain that falls on their school, to stormwater that picks up potential pollutants. It includes each team's research on a pollutant that can harm our lakes and rivers.

Introduction Story Map: "Hey Class, You Are Here!"
This was the first story map we created to explore making maps based on what students thought was important or interesting to them in their playground. This was a playful map with places marked like "The field of emptiness" and "The Tree of Twisted Branches." 

Collecting Questions: "Sights of Edgerton"
This story map is a "crowd source" story map, where students used their Ipads in the playground to look for potential stormwater pollutants, take a picture, and write what they noticed about what they saw, and what they wondered about what they saw. There are also some "notice and wonders" on other interesting things in the playground.

What is a GIS Story Map?
A GIS is a Geographic Information System.
GIS Story Maps "let you combine authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. They make it easy to harness the power of maps and geography to tell your story." (ESRI)
GIS Software (from ESRI company) is free to public, private or home schools. For information on how to access it in Minnesota see this page from the Minnesota Department of Education: