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What happens when it rains? 
Where does the water go? 
What happens along the way?

The "Rain-Drain-Pollution-Solution" project takes place at a 6th grade class at Edgerton Elementary School, where a collaborative team (teacher, partners, students and ESJ, guide, Jonee Brigham of Full Spring Studio) are following stormwater through their school grounds, learning where the rain that falls on the land comes from and goes, and sharing their discoveries on GIS story maps to make a difference.


ESJ Guide: Jonee Kulman Brigham, Full Spring Studio, LLC
Teacher: Mrs. Sue Collins
Students of Mrs. Collins Class

Community Partners:

Sage Passi, Watershed Education Specialist, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District
Carrie Magnuson, GIS Technician, Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District
Bob Running, Storm Sewer Maintenance Crew Chief, City of Maplewood, Public Works Department

About Earth Systems Journey
This project follows the Earth Systems Journey model. Earth Systems Journey (ESJ) is a curriculum framework for experiential, place-based environmental education. ESJ teaches ecological/environmental content, principles, analysis and decision skills in way that integrates human-engineered systems with natural systems. ESJ combines experiential education about systems thinking with the behavior-changing impact of story in the form of a Hero’s Journey. ESJ uses art and story as the core structure of the curriculum in order to engage and motivate students and unify their learning in a larger context of meaning.

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