Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Rain-Drain-Pollution-Solution Launched!

The Rain-Drain-Pollution-Solution project began today!
After we shared what we love about water, we agreed that all those things (from swimming, to drinking water, to bottle flips),  need clean water but we'd heard that some of our water gets polluted. Then we were assigned our mission: To help tell the story of water and how to stop its pollution. Our work will be online and at a presentation at WaterFest so we can help spread the word about keeping water clean.

We opened up the first story map for the project (a story map is an interactive map used to help tell a story.) We found the first place identified on the map was a rectangle on a building and discovered it was Mrs. Collin's Classroom. Our class was already on the map! The map also had another place on it called the "Portal of Secret Wonder" (also known as a "storm drain"). Jonee, the project guide, has a crazy fascination with storm drains and after we raced to the "Portal" she read a poem that the class is going to finish to tell other people about helping water.


I see the clouds, and hear the rain
I watch it flowing down the drain
The junk it carries is pollution
We've got to find a good solution!
Finally, we had a chance to go find what we thought was important and interesting about the school grounds, give it a name, take a picture of it, and describe its features. Tomorrow, we'll make a story map about our important places.

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